Oncopeptides headquarter and global R&D are based in Stockholm. Senior Management consists of 11 persons, three of them are based in the US; the CEO of Oncopeptides AB, the General Manager US Business Unit and the Chief Commercial Officer, CCO.

Oncopeptides benefits from drawing on the world-class knowledge and experience of it’s co-workers. Throughout the company’s life it has benefitted from consistency in both the core management team and board membership as well as in its wider network of collaborators. Oncopeptides also has continued links to the researchers that initially developed melflufen as well as to the founders of the company.

In addition to its core team and the standing network of collaborators, Oncopeptides has established further collaborative relationships with leading researchers and institutions in Europe and the US, including the Harvard Medical School – Dana Farber Cancer Institute.

The nature of the clinical process means that Oncopeptides’ collaborators work principally with the design, planning and project management of clinical studies and the consequent regulatory engagement. Each new project requires collaborators with specialist knowledge in the area and studies are generally carried out by clinical research organisations.